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Intelligent green spaces for healthier, happier teams.

Foster an impactful workspace by incorporating the critical touch of nature with our fully-managed, affordable Nature-as-a-Service AI platform.
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Unlock the transformative power of nature, daily

Happy people
With a fabulous Employee User NPS of 8, you can tap into our unique expertise for happier employees.
Healthy savings
Our Nature-as-a-Service AI platform makes every step of the broken process great, saving you money and improving utilisation.
Better planet
We take over all the tough bits, so you can do good and feel good, effortlessly (and affordably).
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We'd love to .. but

nearly 9/10 companies today believe in the need to have live plants in their office, however nearly 80% lack the confidence to do so due to the pain of maintenance.
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"We'd love a touch of fresh green in our space..

🀩 boosts employee well being by 15%
🀩 promotes sustainability
🀩 boosts employee productivity by 6%
🀩 fosters team bonding positively influencing workplace satisfaction
... but caring for live plants is challenging"

πŸ₯΅ fear of maintaining live plants
πŸ₯΅ experience remains limited to ambient
πŸ₯΅ traditional experience is opaque and expensive
πŸ₯΅ experience remains limited to ambient presence, care

We take care of it all. Intelligently

Our proprietary algorithms, mobile-first integration from over 1,000,000 data points on plant life cycles drives our ability to predict, guide and smart allocate tasks, every step of the way. And with the power of our unique supply chain and platform approach, we deliver an seamless end-to-end experience of intelligent green spaces.
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⚑️Space Analysis
🌱 Greening Up
⛑️ Maintenance
🧘🏽 Wellness
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How you smartly save with us

Preference-matched plants, solutions direct from producers. No middle men. Maximize value & utilization.
Proprietary model of 10,000 plant species, 24X7 plant doctor, microclimate, space mapping powered via Smartphone. Minimal Capex.
Computer Vision, ML/Chat Bot led Mobile-first experience. Minimal time & effort to deploy

Discover the delightfully easy, powerful experience

unlock the true value of your green solutions for employee wellness
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In just 4 easy steps

Forget the DIY market runs, hauling misfit plants, plant care confidence crisis, stressed out employees.
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1. Analyze your space
Share your floor plan, preferences, budget
2. Get matched
your green solution at your fingertips
3. Book & pay
no surprises or hidden costs
4. Sit back & relax
enjoy your space with our 24 x7 whatsapp support and on site maintenance
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Our growing value & impact

πŸ˜ƒ 210+

Employees experienced us

πŸ’° 20%

Cost savings weekly

🌱 700+

Plants cared for daily

🌍 >10%

Air quality improvement

Happy spaces by naturethings!

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