Super Soilless Veggie Mix 5L
Super Soilless Veggie Mix 5L
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naturalGRO Super Soilless Mix for Veggies and Ornamental Plants Soilless mix that is batch-blended in Singapore, this Veggies and Ornamental Plants Mix is designed for moisture retention, chock-full of compost and ideal for growing seedlings, fruit, veggies and all plant types. Transition from traditional soil mix to a modern super soilless mix. Soil deteoriates at a much faster rate. Composition: Vermiculite, Peat moss, cocopeat, perlite, Zeolite, Compost, Humic Acid (No Soil) Why Organic? The key to a thriving garden is healthy media, which is a living, breathing ecosystem. Organic media not only improves the soil structure and its ability to hold onto water and nutrients, it also allows for beneficial microbes to thrive. This reduction of reliance on synthetic chemicals will ensure less runoff into our waterways, harming marine life and water quality. Plant damage threat can also be avoided, ensuring an lush and healthy garden for all. Follow these steps for healthy veggie growth! 1. Seedling- Fill your planting pot with Naturalgro soilless mix Create a hole of 0.5 to 1 cm deep, and a distance of 5 to 8cam between each hole Place 2 to 3 seeds into each planting hole Gently cover seed with Naturalgro soilless mix 2. Maintenance Water 1 to 2 times a day Avoid high water pressure as it will spoil the planting Seeds will germinate within 3 to 7 days, with different germination periods for different vegetable 3. After 10-14 days Remove and discard weak seedlings Each hole should have only one seedling each Maintain distance of 5 to 8cm (fruit and melon types maintain at 30cm or more) 4. Fertilizing & Harvest Apply naturalGro organic fertilisers weekly until one week before harvest To re-plant new seeds, simply clear up planting bed, loosen naturalGro soiless mix and put under hot sun for a week to sterilize before planting.

Super Soilless Veggie Mix 5L

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