Starx Neem Oil
Starx Neem Oil
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Starx Neem Oil 99.9% Spray (500ml)   Neem Oil 99.9% is a natural broad spectrum fungicide, insecticide and miticide. Kills eggs, larvae and adult garden insects. It also prevents and controls black spot, rust and powdery mildew.  Highly effective and economical botanical oil suitable for indoors and outdoors.  For use on ornamental flowering plants, trees, shrubs and foliage grown in greenhouses, interiorscapes and commercial landscapes.  Coats fungal spores then dehydrates them to stop disease cycle.  Applied when conditions favour disease development but before major symptoms occur.    How to Use: Ready to use formula. Shake well before use. Apply every 2 - 3 weeks. Best applied in the evening.   Active Ingredients: Extract of Neem Oil - 99.9% Inert Ingredients - 0.01% Warning: As with all oil based treatments, do not spray during periods of hot sun or before rain.  Note: Neem oil has a smell that may be considered strong to some. The smell serves as a natural repellent to insects.

Starx Neem Oil

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