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Premium Grade Organic Compost is a 100% organic plant-based compost. Volume: ±5L per bag Weight: ~2.5kg per bag [ Do note that weight does not equate to volume ] Premium Grade Organic Compost is specially formulated to improve soil texture and enhance plants' ability to absorb nutrients. It contains plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria that helps convert nitrogen fixation in air and phosphates from the soil into a form that can be absorbed by plants. Premium Grade Organic Compost also has excellent microbial, chemical and physical properties. It can increase the capacity of water that is readily available for plant intake. It also enhances the soil's ability to transfer nutrients from N-P-K sources to plant roots. Premium Grade Organic Compost is made from 100% natural materials, not from industrial waste, solid waste or animal droppings. It is made under international standard of compositing process and thorough product control. It is guaranteed in a stabilised condition, free from heavy metals, pathogens, weeds or harmful contamination. Features & Benefits: - Nutrient availability - Contains large ranges of trace elements, and significant range of macro and micro nutrients. - Excellent water retention factor - Aids water absorption at the roots, and potentially reduces irrigation requirements. - Aerates heavy, clay soil - Clay soils are loosened and aerated for proper root growth after application of Premium Grade Organic Compost. - Soil protection - Organic matter introduced with addition of Premium Grade Organic Compost prevents soil from hardening. - Binds sandy soil - Improves structure of sandy soils to help retain water and required nutrients. - Micro-organisms - Supplies effective micro-organisms to soil, facilitating the breakdown of fertilizers. - Reduces use of fertilizers and other applications on vegetables - Due to total fermentation of Premium Grade Organic Compost, it enables crops to absorb nutrients directly. This leads to fine growth of roots. - Quality results in short time period - Helps fruits and other vegetables grow faster. Sweetness of fruits and quantity of harvest will also be enhanced. - Clean material - A safe and user-friendly homogeneous product. Directions for Use: - Use Premium Grade Organic Compost as a mulch by adding a layer of compost over soil. This will help retain moisture in the potting medium. - Use Premium Grade Organic Compost as a soil amendment by digging a hole about 2-4 inches deep in existing soil, add compost into the hole and mix it with the rest of the soil. NOTE: Soil comes in 5L bags according to volume. Weight of each bag is about 2.5kg.


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