ORCHID FORT 67 (13+27+27) RTS (1L)
ORCHID FORT 67 (13+27+27) RTS (1L)
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STARX Orchid Fort 67 13 + 27 + 27 + TE * Virtually free of Chlorine, Sodium and other detrimental for plant * Fast dissolving, fully water soluble * Free of insolubles and phyto toxic compound Orchid Fort 67 Liquid Fertiliser is a ready-to-spray fertiliser. It helps to promote healthy and fullest leaf growth. Suitable to use on vegetable, estate crops, fruit trees, ornamentals, house plants, nursery plants, etc. Orchid Fort 67 Liquid Fertiliser also corrects nutrient deficiency symptoms and increases productivity in plants. Application Frequency Apply twice a week Directions For Use: Shake well before use Benefits Regular usage of this booster will induce the flowers to bloom with abundance, with brighter and richer colours.

ORCHID FORT 67 (13+27+27) RTS (1L)

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