ORCHID FORT 63 (21+21+21) POWDER
ORCHID FORT 63 (21+21+21)  POWDER
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Orchid Fort 21 + 21 + 21 is a very special range of NPK water soluble fertiliser. It is specialised with very pure raw material and chelated trace elements without any urea contents. It can be used without mixing with any other fertilisers. Can be used in all fertigation systems: drop, sprinklers, central pivot and surface irrigation systems and for all crops. N:P:K - 21:21:21 - Suitable under periods of low sunlight and cold conditions - No nitrogen losses due to volatilisation of NH3 specially under alkaline condition and high soil temperature - Provides immediate available nitrogen to the plants especially under low soil temperature as the nitrogen is in the form of nitrate / ammonium - Allow growers to apply plant nutrients requirement with minimum risk of plant stress or plant scorching Application Frequency Apply every 2 - 3 weeks (14 - 21 days)

ORCHID FORT 63 (21+21+21) POWDER

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