Kelp Booster RTU 500ml
Kelp Booster RTU 500ml
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naturalGRO Kelp Booster Ready To Use (500ml) Liquid Fertiliser [Boosts Overall Health & Quality of Plants] Features of Liquid Fertiliser, Fertilizer ✓ Made from Tasmanian bull kelp, a rich source of micronutrients for your indoor/outdoor gardening plants. ✓ Made from natural bacterial fermentation process ✓ Increase photosynthesis in your indoor/outdoor gardening plants. ✓ Nourishes stem, root & soil bacteria ✓ Promote higher yield and quality of your indoor/outdoor gardening plants. ✓ Support enzyme activity in plants Application Method for your indoor/outdoor gardening plants: - Foliar spraying of liquid fertiliser/fertilizer Frequency for indoor/outdoor gardening plants. - Foliar spraying: Spray liquid fertiliser/fertilizer Weekly Application Rate for Foliar Spraying fertilisation: on indoor/outdoor gardening plants: - Fine coating on branches, stems, leaves and air roots

Kelp Booster RTU 500ml

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