BIO-PLUS 8+8+8 (1kg)
BIO-PLUS 8+8+8 (1kg)
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BIO-PLUS ORGANIC FERTILISER NPK 8+8+8+TE contains nutrients required for healthy overall plant growth, in addition, it contains humates to balance pH levels of the soil as well as conditioning the soil BIO-PLUS ORGANIC FERTILISER NPK 8+8+8+TE also helps stimulate root growth, fruiting and leaf growth in crops, ornamental plants, landscape plants and fruit trees BIO-PLUS ORGANIC FERTILISER NPK 8+8+8+TE is a soil conditioner like no other, improving soil structure and moisture retention, releasing locked-in minerals for uptake by plants, and increasing worm populations and other biological activity in the soil. When it's time for planting, BIO-PLUS ORGANIC FERTILISER NPK 8+8+8+TE gives your seeds the best possible start - it is a natural stimulator of germination and root growth Benefits * Stimulates growth of beneficial soil fungi and bacteria * Provides readily available source of carbon for soil micro-organisms * Good chelating properties which reduce loss of nutrients due to leaching and run-off * Free-up many soil-bound nutrients, particularly phosphates, calcium and micro-nutrients * Lock-up aluminium in acidic soils which are harmful to plant growth * Good buffering capacity which help stabilise the soil against strong pH changes from the fertiliser applications * Promotes soil agglomeration and better soil structure * Opens up heavy clays and hard, compact soils * Helps soil wetting which reduces surface soil crusting and improves water penetration and retention in the soil BIO-PLUS ORGANIC FERTILISER NPK 8+8+8+TE is made from organic plant-based materials Directions of Use Sprinkle approximately 1 teaspoon of fertiliser onto the soil of small potted plants (1-2 tablespoons for large pots, 2-4 tablespoons for trees) once every 2-3 weeks, water immediately after to start absorption by the plants Contains: Nitrogen (N) ------------------------------ 8% Phosphorous (P) ----------------------- 8% Potassium (K) --------------------------- 8% Magnesium (MgO) -------------------- 3% Humate ------------------------------------- 10% Application * Turf, Green: 28-30kg 750m2 - 850m2 * Fairyways 28-30kg 900m2 - 1,100m2 * Seedling 30-50g/bag (apply once a month) * Vegetable 250-350kg/ha (apply once every 10-14 days) * Fruit Tree 200-500gmsm/tree (apply once a month) * Shrubs 200gms per cubic meter * Recommended for all species Bougainvillea 50-80g/pot (apply once every 10-14 days)

BIO-PLUS 8+8+8 (1kg)

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