Frequently asked questions

For further queries, drop us a note at eva@naturethings.co
What is naturethings?
naturethings is a platform to help people discover, buy products, services and get guidance on all things related to plants, gardening and healthy lifestyle. Backed by technology, we are reimagining product, service discovery and consumption by users and creating a platform for independent expert sellers to connect with users to build their businesses.
How does naturethings work?
1. Discover: Discover inspirations, find home garden setups that suit your space and style. Connect with sellers to order customized setups, designs and products delivered to your home. 2. Grow: Get growing guidance for all your plants via personalized reminders, notifications, tips and tricks delivered by our AI powered tool through WhatsApp. Understand your plants and get to know their growing conditions and care plan better by chatting with naturethings on WhatsApp. Set your goals and we help you reach them by providing recommendations for content, products and services. Get guidance at every step of the way. 3. Shop: Find and shop plants and gardening products personalized to your lifestyle and unique growing conditions. Get product recommendations from expert sellers. All orders are delivered by the sellers via their delivery partners with quality guarantee.
Where do the plants and products come from?
Our network of local independent sellers curate the best of plants and products customized to your growing conditions and assure quality delivery for you.
What do I get as part of naturethings guidance?
naturethings guidance platform is built on proprietary datasets that are a combination of decades of research on plant care data and practical human expert experience to bring to you the best guidance on how to setup and grow your plants. The platform is tooled to collect your preferences and the microclimatic conditions that you grow your plants in and give you personalized instructions to help you create habits to be successful in your plant journey.
How does WhatsApp growing guidance work?
We make it super easy for you in 3 steps 1. Enter your personal preferences around care level, growing spaces and add the growing conditions like light levels, plant placement, etc. 2. Select the plants that you grow 3. Subscribe to the plants to receive automated reminders, notifications, tips, tricks, recommendations and more on your WhatsApp.
Who are the experts behind naturethings?
Our expert panel consists of public and private sector individuals who are running successful organizations and businesses in the home gardening sector across Southeast Asia. We also work with agencies in the government and private sector to collect verified information around plants and plant care and get this information vetted by our expert panel to serve you the best experience.
How can I become a seller on naturethings?
We are happy to welcome new sellers on board as long as they meet our criteria. To know more please write to us at team@naturethings.co
Who can I contact about press/media opportunities?
Please reach out to us at team@naturethings.co
How can I work with naturethings on an upcoming event for collaboration?
We would love to collaborate. Please email us at team@naturethings.co

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