Organic Compost 1kg
Organic Compost 1kg
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naturalGRO Premium Organic Compost (1kg) 100% natural and organic for healthy plant growth through retention of nutrients of existing fertilisers/fertilizers within the soil Features βœ“ Bestseller premium organic compost for nutrient retention βœ“ Retains nutrients of fertilisers/fertilizer within the soil βœ“ Prevents leaching of fertilisers/fertilizer nutrients from the soil βœ“ Matured & without foul smell, excellent for home use βœ“ Dry & Crumbly texture βœ“ Sustainable and Earth-Friendly βœ“ Increase Water Storage Holding Capacity for soil and Grow Plants with Less Water βœ“ Add Organic Matters that Unblock Minerals to Keep Soil Fertile βœ“ Improve Resistance to Disease and Pest βœ“ Safe and Easy to Use βœ“ Versatile for Use with Chemical and Water-Based Fertiliser/Fertilizer Composition C organic- 12-19% C/N ratio- 10-25% pH - 5-8% PGPR - 10e8cell/gr

Organic Compost 1kg

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